The Only Source of Knowledge is Experience

Albert Einstein

Yesterday’s Knowledge

Shared Today

Welcome Friend.

Everything learned yesterday is knowledge that you can share today. I won’t claim that I am old and wise but I do have many ‘yesterdays’ that I would like to share.

The topics I’ve chosen are learnings from my life and career experience. I’m now semi-retired and have the opportunity to travel, connect, read extensively, listen to more music, and of course, write!

This blog is simply to share anything and everything that I feel would be helpful to my readers. I hope you find a topic of interest and provide me with the gift of feedback by commenting and sharing.


Latest Posts

National Parks in the Canadian Prairies

There are 38 National Parks in Canada. Most people have heard of, or travelled to the more popular parks like Banff, Jasper, or Pacific Rim. It’s hard to beat the majestic mountains and aqua blue lake…

Management Oversight-Inspect what you Expect

I was always pretty relaxed when it came to management oversight and follow up – too relaxed in the beginning and that was a tough learning curve for me. My theory was that if you asked people to…

Cashing a Cheque, Money Order or Bank Draft

You would think that something like cashing a cheque, money order or bank draft would be simple. Many, many years ago, back in the pre-technology age, banks did a lot of cheque cashing. That’s now a …

Life Lessons

Includes everything from influential books, vacations, camping, skin care, golf, home buying, health, retirement, recipes and on and on. Every time I think of something I’ve learned over the course of my many ‘yesterday’s’ I jot it down for a future post.

Leadership Learning

Is to share years of learning gained from my career. Over the course of 30 years I lead teams of 3 people to 120 people. I had a lot of success and achievements, combined with many mistakes and failures. I was fortunate to have some terrific mentors along the way.

Banking Bits

Is based on Canadian banking, however there are many similarities in North America and some general knowledge that may apply to any location. Banking bits include tips to make your banking easier, less costly, and provide clarity.