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I spent over 30 years in a banking career and now I’m semi-retired which gives me more time to read and write – two things I value greatly. During my career I trained and mentored many people and now I have this blog as a way to continue to share knowledge.

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Gaining Knowledge is the First Step to Wisdom, Sharing it is the First Step to Humanity


Welcome and thanks for visiting Yesterday’s Knowledge. The quote on gaining and sharing knowledge pretty much sums up what my site is about. It’s about knowledge, gained from experience, that I would like to share.

The Categories

I’ve divided up the content into Life Lessons, Leadership Learning, and Banking Bits.

Here’s an overview of each.

Life Lessons include everything from influential books, vacations, camping, skin care, golf, home buying, health, retirement, recipes and on and on. Every time I think of something I’ve learned over the course of my many ‘yesterday’s’ I jot it down for a future post.

Leadership Learning is to share years of learning gained from my career. Over the course of 30 years I lead teams of 3 people to 120 people. I had a lot of success and achievements, combined with many mistakes and failures. I was fortunate to have some terrific mentors along the way. There are some things you just have to live through and experience to learn, however, reading about other’s experience can encourage you along the way and make your journey a little easier.

Banking Bits is based on Canadian banking, however there are many similarities in North America and some general knowledge that may apply to any location. Banking bits include tips to make your banking easier, less costly, and provide clarity.