Why your Debit Card Limit Matters

You’ve opened your bank account and are handed a debit card along with an account agreement explaining the transaction limits for your card. You study it carefully and commit all the information to memory. Probably not. What amount can you mobile deposit? Will funds be held on your deposit? How much can you e-transfer? Is… Read More »Why your Debit Card Limit Matters

National Parks in the Canadian Prairies

There are 38 National Parks in Canada. Most people have heard of, or travelled to the more popular parks like Banff, Jasper, or Pacific Rim. It’s hard to beat the majestic mountains and aqua blue lakes. But don’t overlook the Canadian Prairies! Manitoba and Saskatchewan both have beautiful parks and since they are close to… Read More »National Parks in the Canadian Prairies

The Impact of Micromanagement

Oh the micromanager; hovering, peering over shoulders, making sure there are no mistakes made, and checking, checking, checking everything.  Complete Control! Oversight is important, but that’s different from micromanagement.  Micromanaging is not just oversight, it’s overkill.  It’s checking on everything when you have perfectly competent people doing a job, it’s taking control of every aspect… Read More »The Impact of Micromanagement

Are You Paying Too Much for Bank Fees?

Bank Fees! These are a source of frustration for many people. I’m always surprised at how often people are not aware of the fees they are paying. There are a few things everyone should be doing to minimize fees.   Why constantly check on your bank fees? Because when you opened your bank account you were provided… Read More »Are You Paying Too Much for Bank Fees?

The Real Costs of Owning a Big House

Are you thinking about upgrading to a bigger house? A big house is great for extra space and storage, separate bedrooms and bathrooms for the kids, but there are other factors you want to consider before buying big. If you have an endless source of cash, then go for it. But if you’re budgeting, here… Read More »The Real Costs of Owning a Big House

My Favorite Book Series

There’s nothing like a great book series that starts and finishes strong. You know those books where you can’t wait to pick up the next one in the series? Like A Song of Ice and Fire……still waiting for that next book! Here are some of my favorites that are complete series so you can keep… Read More »My Favorite Book Series