Putting on your Managers Face

Everything shows on our face.  Happiness, surprise, anger, disgust, sadness, fear, stress. It’s good to have emotion and show it, you want to be seen as human after all.  But mostly you want to be seen as professional and approachable – this is what I term as putting on your Managers Face. I had the… Read More »Putting on your Managers Face

Everyone is Watching You

When you become a manager something strange happens; everyone starts watching everything you do and your actions immediately start to impact the work environment. And people talk….yes, they talk about everything you say, and even more about everything you do. Does a manager really have that much impact on the workplace? Yes! You have the… Read More »Everyone is Watching You

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How to Improve Your Financial Health

Have you ever applied for a loan and been declined? Are you thinking of getting a loan or mortgage and not sure if you will qualify? Having a steady source of income is important to qualify for a loan or mortgage, but it’s not the only consideration. This article describes how to improve financial health.… Read More »How to Improve Your Financial Health

Pre-Approved Line of Credit Offers

When your bank contacts you with an offer for a pre-approved credit line, should you take it? Many people automatically say no to solicited offers. Maybe you feel like you don’t need a credit line right now, or you already have a Line of Credit, or you feel that you have enough debt. When you… Read More »Pre-Approved Line of Credit Offers