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Are Quiet Leaders Effective?

Are Quiet Leaders effective? Absolutely but…..there’s always a but isn’t there? One of my favorite mentors was a quiet leader, and also the person I learned the most from. He was highly intelligent, spoke with a quiet authority, and was open and honest. He was well respected by his employees and was the type of… Read More »Are Quiet Leaders Effective?

You Get What You Tolerate

Tolerance. It’s something you do without thinking. You put up with or ignore things. You’re busy, have multiple priorities, maybe avoiding something, perhaps tired of asking. The problem is, when you tolerate something, you’re stamping it with a seal of approval. Do you ever ask an employee to do something and it doesn’t get done?… Read More »You Get What You Tolerate

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Feedback is a Gift

Feedback is a gift? Chocolate, diamonds, flowers, those are gifts!  Feedback is just words.Actually, feedback is one of the most important (and inexpensive) gifts that you can give your employees so that they know you appreciate them and care about their success.  Feedback provides tons of mini-moments of recognition, coaching, advice, training and affirmation. Have… Read More »Feedback is a Gift

Why Do You Want to be a Manager?

Many, many years ago (I could probably add a few more ‘many’s’ in there), I got hired on with a bank as a BAMT.  Banks love their acronyms- Branch Assistant Manager Trainee. When I accepted the job, I actually did it without much thought. I liked financial stuff but I had not set a goal to… Read More »Why Do You Want to be a Manager?

Are you a Professional Procrastinator?

Be honest with yourself. Do you put off difficult tasks? Have a little conversation with yourself about why something can wait? We all procrastinate at times, and more so when something is perceived as unpleasant to do. It’s normal to procrastinate, but every action has a consequence. What’s the impact of procrastinating? How does that… Read More »Are you a Professional Procrastinator?

The Impact of Micromanagement

Oh the micromanager; hovering, peering over shoulders, making sure there are no mistakes made, and checking, checking, checking everything.  Complete Control! Oversight is important, but that’s different from micromanagement.  Micromanaging is not just oversight, it’s overkill.  It’s checking on everything when you have perfectly competent people doing a job, it’s taking control of every aspect… Read More »The Impact of Micromanagement

Putting on your Managers Face

Everything shows on our face.  Happiness, surprise, anger, disgust, sadness, fear, stress. It’s good to have emotion and show it, you want to be seen as human after all.  But mostly you want to be seen as professional and approachable – this is what I term as putting on your Managers Face. I had the… Read More »Putting on your Managers Face