Why your Debit Card Limit Matters

You’ve opened your bank account and are handed a debit card along with an account agreement explaining the transaction limits for your card. You study it carefully and commit all the information to memory. Probably not. What amount can you mobile deposit? Will funds be held on your deposit? How much can you e-transfer? Is… Read More »Why your Debit Card Limit Matters

Are You Paying Too Much for Bank Fees?

Bank Fees! These are a source of frustration for many people. I’m always surprised at how often people are not aware of the fees they are paying. There are a few things everyone should be doing to minimize fees.   Why constantly check on your bank fees? Because when you opened your bank account you were provided… Read More »Are You Paying Too Much for Bank Fees?

Pre-Approved Line of Credit Offers

When your bank contacts you with an offer for a pre-approved credit line, should you take it? Many people automatically say no to solicited offers. Maybe you feel like you don’t need a credit line right now, or you already have a Line of Credit, or you feel that you have enough debt. When you… Read More »Pre-Approved Line of Credit Offers